June 16, 2017 - Comments Off on What makes De Voorkamer valuable for you?

What makes De Voorkamer valuable for you?

Thoughts by: Minem Sezgen

For me, De Voorkamer is highly valuable because of its people. Each person who is involved offers things such as his talents, skills or help from the heart. This makes so many team members become close friends and feel like a family as an addition to the fruitful outcome for the local community. People put loads of effort with a passion for bringing something valuable for the society. This makes De Voorkamer have continuous positive vibes and welcome uniquely diverse crowd in its events.

With the exciting new projects and collaborations in the near future, I am utmost sure that De Voorkamer will grow its community even bigger. I'm genuinely glad to be a part of it and to know all those who brought their light to this project.

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