De Voorkamer is carried on by a group of people with different roles and responsibilities. Meet our current and previous team, volunteers, partners, local ambassadors and many other people who take part and believe in what we do. Below we introduce a few community members of De Voorkamer to you, but there are many more people involved that you can meet during our events.

Ahmad has a huge amount of energy and positiveness, he is always ready to help and worked on many projects with De Voorkamer. One of his great skills is cooking, you should really try his dishes for the BBQ.

Adel is an important member of our community, he connects us and is always there for us. He is active in many different events and created together with Louay the Arabic Language café. He doesn’t only organize he also acts, you should hear his story about the hammam!

Zaynab is a very active member of our community. Always ready to help and organize. She has magical fingers and turns any ingredients into a lovely Syrian dish. She does our catering and co-organizes Turning Tables.

Marieke is a super social open girl who loves meeting different people and helps in any way she can. At De Voorkamer she is as a volunteer-coordinator,  the connecting factor between all the team members.

Louay is a very active member of our community. Almost every event he is present, organizing, helping out or just enjoying the atmosphere. Together with Adel he created Arabic Language café. He and his son Adam bring life and energy to De Voorkamer.

You can find Farah at many of our events. Organizing, connecting to new guests and making sure that everybody has a good time. Farah is extremely social and always thinks of her friends, family and community. Farah is sweet like the Moroccan tea she makes.

Minem is our social glue, our network talent. Mine makes sure De Voorkamer steps out of its own circles and reaches out to many organizations and professionals around us. Next to all this she brings the movie screenings to a next level with her personality, connections and ideas.

Aziz loves photography, it’s his way to connect to a new place. At De Voorkamer he worked on a photography project about his life in a refugee centre in contrast with his life in Utrecht.

Pim is the project manager and designer. He works all day and night to make everything possible. If he’s not working, then he practices the handstand push-up (he works a lot, so he still hasn’t started on it...).

Shay is the project designer. She develops content and designs the project methodology. Shay loves to host people, cook big meals and discover new cities.

Zakaria is a participant of the pilot in Haren. Zakaria is our language wonder, he helps us to spread our messages and communicate in Arabic, English and Dutch. All the stories he tells are a in a unique perspective that bring imagination.

Hennie is the treasurer of Collective Nouns Foundation, the organization behind the project De Voorkamer. Without him, we would get lost of bureaucracy. You can recognize him by his funky shirts.

Meike has a beautiful voice and a kind personality. Every month with Samen Zingen, she plays the piano, sings and makes sure our community is practicing the Dutch language through Dutch songs.

Salma is a powerful and smart woman, working really hard to achieve her goals. In De Voorkamer she co-organizes Samen Zingen and Women activities. In this way she makes sure we reach out to a diverse community.

Irene is a very social person working on several social-projects. Every month she makes sure that the songs for Samen Zingen are ready to be shared with our community.

Florence is a smart and independent lady. Working energetically on many different projects of significant social and societal relevance. She co-organizes our women events and during Yallah Yallah she makes sure our community dances the whole night.

Pim is a man of rhythms. In De Voorkamer he co-organises, and presents during, On The Spot. He is a great host and his rhythms guide our musician visitors. He adds an important groove to our project.

Anan is a great musician. The sounds he produces on his violin bring his audience to different places, times and memories. Anan co-organizes On The Spot and plays his violin in many different events.

Mohammad is a calm and kind person. He is very social and is always ready to help out. Organizing events, presenting De Voorkamer and what we stand for or just playing a game with our community.  

Saeed is in love with the world of photo- and videomaking. Together with Adel he started to produce their own movie. In De Voorkamer he co-organized many different events relating to photography and he is starting a project about our visual communication.

Ghedam is a kind man with a never-ending smile. His positiveness radiates the ones around him. Ghedam is an active member of the community and worked together with De Voorkamer on a picnic.

Sadam is an active and smart guy. Sadam is always trying to find ways to learn new things and improve himself. In De Voorkamer he gave a beautiful lecture on Pakistan and the influences of the west.

Mohammad is a patient person, helping out in many events. He is great as an Arabic coach, his patience makes you comfortable and makes you want to study more.

Anas has been a regular visitor for a long time. He co-organizes a lot of events and can always get the community to smile and dance.

Feras is an energetic person, always with a smile. Since he was young, his dream was to become an artist. At De Voorkamer he worked on calligraphy and hand printed products.

Floor is a close friend of De Voorkamer and collected stories, organized events and got new people aboard. She has the unique talent of making people feel at ease.

Abdulrahman likes to work with his hands, loves to repair bikes and knows all ins and outs of working with textiles. He used to work as a tailor in Syria and loved to work with embroidery. Abdulrahman worked on the pillows of De Voorkamer.

Karama is a strong women who never gives up, even when things get difficult she keeps smiling. Karama loves cooking and being active. At De Voorkamer she cooked in our Arabic market the ‘Souk’.

Abdulrahman is a humble and kind guy with countless stories about adventures and people. He loves fishing and cooking. At De Voorkamer he made his beloved Syrian dishes for the ‘Souk’.

Badr worked as a woodworker in Syria. His hands can turn any piece of wood into something beautiful. With De Voorkamer he worked on a modular shelf system for our library.

Mohammad loves working with his hands, he is a painter and ceramic artist. At De Voorkamer he worked in collaboration with Suzan Becking on ceramic objects inspired by the Hammam bath house.

Ahmad is a great baker. In Damascus he owned a shop where his customers didn’t only come for his delicious sweets but also his presence and laughter. Ahmad worked on lovely Knaffa for our Arabic market ’Souk’.

Jan is the chairman of Collective Nouns Foundation, the organization behind the project De Voorkamer. Jan is a passionate designer and teacher and he supports the project of De Voorkamer. He is an adventurous person who is always in a voyage of discovery.

Simone is a board member of Collective Nouns Foundation, the organization behind the project De Voorkamer. She is a very talented textile designer and cheerful with a contagious smile.

Iris is the project communication manager. She is our local super connector. Being a social and adventurous person, Iris is one of the founders of New Neighbours group in Utrecht and the founder of the foundation Dreaming of Syria.

Hassan is a participant of the pilot in Haren.

Amany writes wonderful stories and poëms. She is a wise and sensitive woman with a talent in languages. She is a storyteller at De Voorkamer.

Teune is the man behind the lens. He is the photographer of De Voorkamer and has a keen eye and heart for capturing people and stories in pictures.

Jaber is a passionate musician with charisma and charm. At De Voorkamer, he leads and provides supports in music events and workshops.

Tamer brings people together. He is always ready to help and to explain things. At De Voorkamer he helps with public relations and communication.

Eid is a collector and has a passion on his collected items. He is very commited and is hardworking. At De Voorkamer he works together with Salah on metal stools and lamps.


Salah is a modest man who loves to work with his hands/handicraft. At De Voorkamer he works together with Eid on metal stools and lamps.

Jasien is a friendly man with a lot of skills; he is always ready to help with his hands. At De Voorkamer he is the technician who fixes the ceiling, light installation and the lamps.

Abdoulah is a real networker and has a good sense of humor. He knows everybody and is very talented to connect people with each other.

Zakaria is a participant of the pilot in Haren.

Samer is a participant of the pilot in Haren.

Nouraldin is a participant of the pilot in Haren.

Muhamad is a participant of the pilot in Haren.