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Pauperdialogen in Veenhuizen

What does INTEGRATION actually mean? How can integration and diversity co-exist? Can we create a place that focusses on sharing cultures, knowledge and experiences?
We are invited by Collectie Veenhuizen, to design and host a ‘Pauperdialoog’ in Veenhuizen. In reaction to the theatre play ‘Het Pauperparadijs – a story about a poverty colony in Holland in the 19th century – we will organise dialogues that address important topics in the Dutch society today. In collaboration with Wael Al Masri from Stichting Syrische Vrijwilligers Nederland - SYVNL, we will speak with many interesting guests about their personal interpretation of INTEGRATION.

Are you interested? Drop us a line if you would you like to join.

Date : July-August 2016
Time : 11:00
Location : Hotel Bitter en Zoet