More selected projects


After finishing school I worked as a tailor, that was long ago.
For De Voorkamer I worked with textile again, I created on a series of pillows. Recently I bought an industrial sewing machine. I would like to go back to working with textiles, here, in Holland.
When the revolution started in Syria, I opened an internet-café. Through Turkey I managed to get access to a network.
A direct network connection was not accessible In Syria, the government avoids it.

I pictured the horrors inflicted upon the people by the regime – I wanted to share that with the world. They found out about my activities and started bombing the area where I was staying. They knew about my presence and a building nearby me collapsed. This was the moment I decided I had to leave Syria.
I dream about being with my friends, playing theatre together. Even though there is still a language barrier, I would like Dutch people to participate. On the stage I would like to show a Dutch audience our way of living and being.