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Voorleescafé - Sunday 15 March

Welcome to De Voorkamer’s Voorleescafé in Buurthuis Rosa.

The Voorleescafé is organised in the same afternoon as the Women’s Café. During the Women’s Café, women/mothers from different nationalities, both newcomers and locals, come together to meet each other, share stories and become more involved in the local community. While the women/mothers enjoy the activities and each other’s company at De Voorkamer, the kids will enjoy an afternoon of stories, told by enthusiastic volunteers, creative workshops and games at Buurthuis Rosa (a 3-minute walk from De Voorkamer). Of course some lemonade and cookies will be provided as well. 
The activities and drinks are completely free of charge.

Women and children are welcomed at De Voorkamer at 2 P.M., and the kids will walk with the volunteers to Buurthuis Rosa. After the events, women and children will get together at De Voorkamer to share their stories about the afternoon.

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Date: 15 March, 2020
Time: 15:00 - 17:00
Location: Buurthuis Rosa, Malakkastraat 6

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