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The past few days I’ve been hanging out a lot around the stairs at the ‘Jaarbeursplein’. 

Sometimes you can find me there having a beer in the company of a good friend, and in other moments you can find me there just sitting by myself taking it all in. Oddly and bafflingly enough, that spot along the stairs at the ‘Jaarbeursplein’ has become my favorite spot in Utrecht. Its charm stems from its mundane and plane character. 

You sit high up, in this sort of haven, far away from the burdens of daily life. It takes this fast paced pressured life and distills it into this slow serene spirit that engulfs you; for a moment you’re just a spectator, watching life pass by, without any responsibility to partake or be anything, and it’s all okay.

You just sit there, basking in the amber glow of the sun, while the wind caresses your skin like a fresh sea breeze. And it feels like the beach is just over those buildings; like my family is just over those buildings, waiting for me to come back home.