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Africa's Calling: SenegalAfrica's Calling: Senegal

Africa's Calling: Senegal - Friday 13 December

Africa is often seen as one country, but instead the continent consists of 54 independent countries. Each with a rich culture, traditions and booming capital cities. Africa's Calling is a new project from De Voorkamer in which we get to know one African country per event from a local perspective through music, art, food, stories, film and much more.

This is the first edition of Senegal. We get to know the country through the exhibition of Jolien de Vries and Marieke Luthart, there will be traditional live music, and a film screening "Teranga" by Jolien de Vries.

Senegal is the land of the fish. Do you want to taste delicious Senegalese food? Together we eat from large bowls sitting on self-woven plastic rugs in a circle, both fish and vegetarian. Are you eating? That is possible for € 5. Register via this link:

All this while enjoying a cup of Café Touba and Bissap (juice from dried hibiscus flowers).

Feel welcome! In other words, Teranga!

About the exhibition:
During the event, Jolien Wallis de Vries and Marieke Luthart will be exhibiting the art they created as a result of their project in Senegal. In the spring of 2018 they spent three months in Senegal to experience what life is like on the other side of the ocean. For more information you can take a look at their websites: and

About the film 'Teranga' by Jolien Wallis de Vries:
‘Teranga’, means hospitality in Wolof. It stands for the welcoming and openness which is deeply rooted in the Senegalese culture, and which inspired Jolien to make this film.

Senegal has a collective culture where solidarity comes first. The interactions and conversations with people she met where filmed and resulted in this film. With this film she wants to give a voice to the people she met and give them a stage to tell about their dreams. The dreams of people who want to move to the West en the dreams of people who are passionate about Senegal and critical about the dominating individualistic Western culture.

Jolien met most of the people talking in the film because she was working for the exposition 'The African dream,' curated by Rosalie van Deursen at the Biennale Dak’art (Dakar, 3d of May until 2nd of June 2018). Most of them are artists, but she also interviewed the neighbour and people she met at the beach. You can watch the trailer with this link: or follow the movie at Facebook

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Date : 13 November, 2019
Time : 18:00 - 21:00
Location : De Voorkamer, Kanaalstraat 225

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