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Sunday, 12th of April 2020

Today I woke up with the sun rays blazing into my face, ready to set my right foot on the ground, get up and bake! 

After receiving a late night image of the traditional Slovenian festive pastry called ‘Potica’ sent by my mum to our family group chat, I realized how sad it will be not to have at least a piece of it on Easter Sunday. 

Being a little jammed with my online university studies, thoughts and sunny days, the day, Saturday, once again, passed by waaay too quickly to dive into the lengthy (but with no doubt enjoyable) process of making one by myself. 

But then, as stubborn as I am, this devastating scenario of possibly not keeping up with our tradition made me generate and recollect all the necessary energy and love that is needed to make this delicious yeasty nut roll, as one might call it - and, well, here she comes! 

I also video called my grandma (afterall, she’s the one who taught me how to make it) who gave me her blessings and approvals and said that she is very excited to tell all her neighbours (screaming from one doorstep to another, of course) that her granddaughter is making ‘Potica’ in the Netherlands (and it’s not like it’s the first time I’m making one myself). 

Nonetheless, it felt good you know, seeing it rise and grow and get into the right shape, smelling good and kneading well, filled with walnuts and raisins and all the memories I had time to refresh in my head while making it.

As cheesy as it is, I think that one thing we don’t need to forget about are all the little things that we once did but forget about, all those that keep us alive. For me, that is baking, frisbee, drawing, and, well, sometimes also searching for high renaissance paintings of cats (check it out).