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Culture Shock - Mâh Duo - Zaterdag 22 Februari

This month at Culture Shock, we’re hosting the Turkish Mâh Duo!

Mâh Duo is consisted by Duygu Alkan (voice) and Emine Bostanci (classical kemenche). They’ve met in Codarts University in Rotterdam during their master studies and their passion in this music brew the idea of making this duo by creating an experimental sound of voice and classical kemenche. Mâh duo is experimenting with the musical colours of Ottoman period. Both of them bring a unique touch to their sound. Mâh duo attempts to bring all these elements on stage by sharing the common sound of voice and Classical kemenche.

After the show, we'll have a break before Mâh Duo answers questions that you may have for them, so stick around if interested.

Doors open: 20.30
Entrance: €5

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Datum: 22 Februari, 2020
Tijd: 20:30 - 23:00
Locatie: De Voorkamer, Kanaalstraat 225

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