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Myrthe van de Weetering & Haytham SafiaMyrthe van de Weetering & Haytham Safia

Culture Shock - Mash Up:  Myrthe van de Weetering & Haytham Safia - Saturday 25 January

It's Mash Up time this month at the Culture Shock! We're glad to be hosting two great composers of Utrecht: violinist Myrthe van de Weetering and oudist Haytham Safia. Come join us to experience this unique show together. After the show, Myrthe and Haytham will be answering questions we might have for them. 

Keenkudu & De Voorkamer presents: Culture Shock - Mash Up is an artistic and social experiment where artists from different cultural backgrounds are invited to meet each other and collaborate for the first ever time. The exclusive performance they create together is premiered at De Voorkamer.

Doors open: 20:00
Entrance: €5 

'Culture Shock' is a pilot for a sub-project of De Voorkamer where artists with diverse backgrounds are invited to collaborate for intercultural and interdisciplinary activities.

The program has three aspects of nights from professionals with their existing sets ('Culture Shock - Band' or 'Solo', professionals that meet each other for the first time 'Culture Shock - Match Up' and moments for the audience to share knowledge and talent themselves by joining workshops and improvisation evenings like ‘On The Spot’.

'Culture Shock - Match Up’ evenings are experimental collaborative evenings around the theme of music where two creatives are brought together for the first time to connect their talents and create a new outcome.

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Date : 25 January, 2020
Time : 20:00 - 23:00
Location : De Voorkamer, Kanaalstraat 225

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