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NFF X De VoorkamerNFF X De Voorkamer

De Voorkamer bij NFF: Kleine IJstijd

Nederlands Film Festival and De Voorkamer organize bi-monthly film screenings with the filmmakers being present (including Q&A). Usually, the films are shown in De Voorkamer and are curated by NFF. For the next edition, the tables are turned and a special occasion is created: De Voorkamer is hosted by NFF at the actual festival! 

Join us on this special movie night full of breathtaking shots and exciting storylines enriched by interesting discussions afterward with our special guests (to be announced).

A young couple has a car accident on a deserted country road. The engine spews out smoke, Mark’s legs are numb and his girlfriend Tessa’s telephone is total loss to boot. The farmer in the background has no idea of the relationship drama rapidly flaring up because when Mark in this exceptional case gives Tessa the unlock code of his smartphone, he feels in his bones that the heaviest blow is still to come. 

A tragicomic story in which a group of old friends and ex-band members come together for a weekend to commemorate their friend and foreman Kas and to scatter his ashes. Kas was the oldest of the group, the role model and the confidant for the entire band. Meanwhile, the friends are around fifty and life has not gone as expected for everyone. Despite the tragic case, the reunion promises to be pleasant, chaotically and with liquor as usual, but the exuberant atmosphere soon makes way for quarrels and deeply buried secrets from the past.

The films are subtitled in English and the whole night will be English spoken. 

Get your tickets before it's too late and we will see you there!

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Date : 4 October, 2018
Time : 19:15 - 22:00
Location : Louis Hartlooper Complex, Tolsteegbrug 1

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