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hku café x De Voorkamer

*Entrance till 23:00-- FREE~! by showing your HKU pass. whoahh. After that, 5 euros. *
*Beers/wines/sodas with a special HKU discount if you show your HKU pass.*

On June 20th, De Voorkamer is delighted to collaborate with HKU for the HKU Café in Ekko. De Voorkamer is a meeting place in Utrecht for newcomers and locals where community members develop projects and events together. Creativity and design have a significant role in community building at De Voorkamer.

At this special hku café edition we will exhibit some of the photography, art work and objects designed in our workshops and by talented community members. We will also make delicious snacks and koffie for you to taste- a staple at all of our events! We are excited to tell you about our ongoing projects and bring our uniquely lively atmosphere to Ekko.

Do you have a question? Drop us a line.

Date : 20 June, 2019
Time : 21:00 - 4:00
Location : EKKO

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