More selected projects

Zakaria A.

My parents fled from Palestine to Syria. Palestinians in Syria had a difficult time in my youth. During my studies I worked in many different jobs to support my family and myself. I learned how to paint, lay bricks and weld.
At the age of eighteen I started my university studies, in the filed of biology. My studies and the jobs I’ve had were an important lesson in my life, they gave me a sense of harmony. Harmony between humans and nature.

I obtained an education degree and started teaching science. Some time later I became the head of a high school. Later I got additional certificates in education and supervision. The last few years my colleagues and myself worked as specialists of education.
I even gave workshops in negotiation skills and conflict management. During my last two years in Syria before fleeing, I worked with refugees.
For De Voorkamer I shared my knowledge about plants and their symbolic meaning, by selecting and describing a few special ones for the space.