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Straffe Koffie Tunes

De Voorkamer hosts Thimo & Jaber again for an extraordinary evening of combined talents and styles: Jaber & Thimo will be playing together and Karim will bring us into his personal world by telling his story.

In this evening we take a step back in time brining alive the Arabic cafetaria: In the old days, in a world without electricity, Arabic cafeterias were places to come and listen to storytellers and musicians that took their listeners on fantastic journeys. The first team of De Voorkamer has created its own cafetaria here in Lombok - Straffe Koffie - a gathering spot, crafted by the stories and talents of the team.

Jaber Fayad is a gifted Oud player. Jaber started playing the Oud when he was 9 years old. He studied Azerbaijani music with the Master Askar Ali Akbar, Arabic music with Isam Rafei, and Turkish music with Ayman Aljesri. Jaber graduated the Conservatory of Damascus. In October 2015, Jaber was forced to leave Syria due to the threatening circumstances there. During his relatively short time in The Netherlands, although residing in refugee camps, Jaber played in several concerts (solo or with Dutch musicians) and participated in music festivals. Jaber is also an Oud builder. His dream is to embed the Oud in the Dutch music: “I left everything in Syria, but music will stay always inside me.”

Thimo Gijezen is a versatile Dutch musician and producer. 
Since he was very young, Thimo played piano and guitar. He has been a part of numerous bands and musical ensembles, exploring different musical genres. From gypsy jazz to rock, metal, and experimental hip hop music. Today Thimo plays in many Dutch bands. Thimo owns a recording studio, producing his own music and other local artists. 

Karim Shalhoub is a creative young guy, with the dream to become a filmmaker. Karim was born in Damascus, and studied computers science in the university. Since he arrived to The Netherlands, Karim has participated in different media projects, and started developing his filmmaking skills. Karim believes that as a result of the media focus on the negative parts of Syria, the world does not acknowledge enough the beauty of the Syrian culture. By making films, he wishes to share his unique view on his own culture with The Netherlands.

Are you interested? Drop us a line if you would you like to join.

Date : 7 January & 29 January
Time : 19:00
Location : De Voorkamer, Kanaalstraat 225

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