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Exhibition The Untolds

De Voorkamer and Lili Farhadi would like to invite you to the opening of Lili’s exhibition.

Lili Farhadi was born in the winter of 1974 in Tehran, Iran.
From a young age she was busy with art, later in life she did her M.A. in Graphic Design at the Art School of the Tehran Azad University. 

This collection is named ‘the Untolds’ 
Lili is from a land full of stories, stories that often don’t reach an audience and stay untold. 
By combining color, lines and images Lili tells some of those stories to her audience. 

Lili creates her paintings in digital media by composing layers made of her own sketches, designs, and photography. She brings a new life to those layers by adding materials like acrylic, pencil and magic marker on the digital print.

Join and be inspired by Lili and her stories, get a chance to talk and be introduced to Lili’s way of working. Later this month some people will have a chance to attend a workshop that explorers her techniques. 



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Date : Entire June, 2018
Time : 11:00 - 17:00
Location : De Voorkamer, Kanaalstraat 225

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