In 2016 De Voorkamer opened its doors in Utrecht, creating a cultural meeting space to promote inclusion and integration by stimulating and facilitating the talents of our diverse community. Since day one, we have striven to ensure the initiative is not only for our community, but created by them.
We do this by working with small groups to establish creative and valuable connections through which to share and exchange inspiration and talents. In collaboration with local professionals, we design meetings and projects that bring our space to life and create events and objects that facilitate our activities. We have realised many projects born from the fascinations and interests of our community, including: our weekly language cafes and game nights, storytelling events, photography and visual art/design projects, music events and many more.
De Voorkamer is based on equality and individuality. It creates a framework for participants to work on an assignment that fits them, that is meaningful to them,

and that stimulates their independence and personal integration. Our main goal is to create a safe place where people can express their thoughts, feelings and knowledge, whilst exchanging experiences to form connections and a network. We believe integration cannot be achieved solely by making people follow impersonal procedures and regulations; rather it is realised in an individual's sense of belonging. 

At De Voorkamer we use design processes and culture as mediums for creating an inclusive space, with the goal to bridge the gaps between different groups in society. We believe the role of design and culture in the initiative is to encourage and stimulate participation and inclusion: both crucial ingredients for integration and social cohesion. These mediums are our way to connect people, bringing the ‘other’ closer.
De Voorkamer is an initiative developed by social designers and researchers Pim van der Mijl and Shay Raviv and realized by Stichting Collective Nouns.


Guest-use space
Would you like to organize or co-organise an event yourself in our beautiful space in the lively neighbourhood Lombok?
Contact us and discuss the availabilities of our space and the prices. 

Are you interested to taste beautiful dishes like maklube and tabule? You can support one of our community members by letting him or her prepare the food for your event.

Cultural program
Are you looking for fitting cultural content? Support one of our community members and let him or her share their talents with you and your guests! 

In all our activities we try to stimulate understanding and a new connection between people. Would you like to organize a workshop or dialogue connecting to the topics we work on? Contact us! 

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