On this page, you find different projects that provide a stage for our community to share stories. People tell their stories in their own way; through music, film, storytelling, cooking, visual arts and much more. 

Each project on this page has its own way of telling stories. You can pour your heart out in the Community Diary, read interviews and essays in De Voorkamer Magazine, listen to the favourite music of our community in the Community Playlist and enjoy the videos of De Voorkamer Studio.

De Voorkamer Magazine was the first stories related project on our website. A motivated team of volunteers took on the job of collecting stories about the events at De Voorkamer and of the beautiful people that are part of our community. 

Through these stories you will get a taste of Straffe Koffie, you will learn more about the Dutch Taalcafé and you will get to know what drives our fantastic volunteers. 

Living in a time of social distancing means not being able to see each other face to face. 

As a meeting place and a community, it is our mission to bring people together, which is even more important when things are challenging. Therefore we decided to create a shared community diary in which everyone can use their talents and creativity to share what's on their mind. 

We invite you all to join the diary and stay connected! You can send any questions and completed diary pages to anne@devoorkamer.org and we will upload them (anonymously if you wish) to this diary album.

In De Voorkamer Studio we combine image and sound to capture stories from our community and to bring them to life. Community members step in front of the camera to share their stories, either with words or through music and dance. Their stories take you to different times and different places, make you think about life, and make you laugh. 

These beautiful videos can also be viewed on our YouTube channel, so subscribe and enjoy new stories every other Saturday.