Dear visitors of De Voorkamer,

Now that we no longer organise physical activities, we are busy behind the scenes developing an online program. Keep an eye on our Facebook page and the events page of our website so that you can still enjoy your favourite (online) De Voorkamer events again. 

Do you have a talent, story, thought or other great ideas that you want to share with our community? Visit our "stories" page and see how you can participate! 

You can also contact us for practical help and questions. Our community is ready to help with groceries, walking your dog or just for a nice chat! Send us a message via:

In this way, we may try to stay connected with our community despite the difficult situation!



De Voorkamer is an open space to meet other cultures: a place to belong, a safe place for new experiences. By working with people’s creativity and talents, we connect diverse cultures on a personal level.
You can join our creative workshops, cultural food events, language cafes, lectures, jam sessions, women’s cafes, co-created exhibitions, storytelling events and much more. All created by and for our diverse community. 
Curious to meet other cultures? Eager to make people feel at home? Looking to participate by working on your own talent? 
Come by for a cardamom coffee, mint tea or a piece of old Dutch cheese.


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